Celebrating 10 years, Full service licensee, Tailored support

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Partnering with 93 practices, 136 advisers

We are a boutique full-services licensee providing support to a vast network of financial advisers across Australia.

Our services

We are a boutique licensee, servicing small to medium sized Australian financial planning practices. We deliver tailored support in the areas of practice development, research, software and marketing to help you build your business and deliver quality financial advice to your clients.

Practice development
  • Practice development

    Our practice development solutions have been designed to enhance your business and help you generate profit. Our regional managers will help you:

    • create a business plan
    • segment your client base and analyse profit & profitability analysis
    • identify your value proposition
    • incorporate our marketing and software solutions to create efficiencies in your business
    • leverage networking opportunities via events and our secure Linkedin group
    • attend specialised masterclass workshops presented by external coaches.
  • Software

    Our software solutions team provides you with proactive service and one-on-one training.
    Our Xplan software is customised for your practice and gives you access to:

    • in-house software specialists
    • personalised IPAD apps for your practice
    • webinars and videos
    • regular practice visits to up-skill users and train new employees
    • integrated marketing, research and compliance solutions.
  • Marketing

    Our marketing team provides an end-to-end tailored marketing service that can help you increase your client base, cross sell to your existing clients, or increase brand awareness in your local area. We provide:

    • tools to help you retain and acquire new clients and increase your brand awareness
    • a personalised website for your practice
    • tailored client facing collateral including stationery, newsletters and brochures
    • campaigns to help you with your business planning
    • social media training.
  • Research

    The research team delivers timely analysis and insights into investments, markets and the economy. The team provides you with access to the following tools to help you construct your client's portfolios and risk profiles:

    • A flexible APL.
    • Quarterly client facing market commentary.
    • Tailored model portfolios and detailed reports for both you and your clients.
    • Daily, weekly and monthly communications.
    • Workshops focusing on model portfolio changes and construction.
    • Direct shares research and support.

Latest news

Federal Budget Q&A - Transition to retirement

18 May 2016

The tax exemption on earnings in a transition to retirement (TTR) pension will be removed, thereby reducing the tax-effectiveness of a TTR strategy. Withdrawals from TTR pensions will also not be able to be taxed as lump sums. If you are over 60 you will still benefit from receiving tax-free pension payments.

Federal Budget Q&A - Superannuation

12 May 2016

The Government is replacing the previous cap of $180,000 per year (or $540,000 over 3 years under the ‘bring forward’ provisions) with a lifetime cap of $500,000. This will be indexed, presumably on an annual basis. While this change is effective from Budget night, importantly it is also retrospective as it will take into account all non-concessional contributions made since 1 July 2007.

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